2016 Jewelry Shows

Jewelry show season is finally upon us!  On July 15th, Helen Wang will be at Waters kicking off the 2016 shows.  We get very excited for this time of year for many reasons.  First being that we love when customers have the chance to meet the artist behind their favorite jewelry.  We also have no idea what type of jewelry these artists are bringing! It always is fresh and innovative designs that are sure to please.

If you have never made it to one of our jewelry shows, here is what to expect. All of the shows happen from noon to 3pm.  The artist comes in and fills a large table with all of their jewelry pieces.  You can shop everything on the table and if you have a special request, you can work directly with the artist to order a piece that is perfect for you.  Can’t make it to the show? Stop by in the following days, we shop the artist’s table so we can carry their latest designs after they leave.

Below is information about each artist that will be here this year.  Click on the picture to learn about them and see more of their work.