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Sweater Weather with Neve Designs

  The first outfit that I want to highlight is the Colby zip-up and Liona skirt.  This zip-up is a lighter weight than some of the other featured sweaters.  The pattern is so eye catching and flattering.  YES! I said it ladies, these horizontal stripes are flattering.  There is something about the width change between […]

Silvercocoon Color Splash

    I N T R O D U C T I O N Silvercocoon jewelry is made by Tia Keobounpheng, a Duluth native currently living in Minneapolis.  Tia began making jewelry in November of 2007.  She is inspired by the idea that design can improve people’s lives and strives to make a product that […]

Fall Winds Bring Welcome Changes

  The cool breeze of Fall is blowing in fresh transformations to Waters of Superior!    Firstly, we are starting a blog! We are excited to bring news of artists, products and new happenings to our customers.  Facebook posts are so brief and fast where a blog will let us go more in depth with […]