Fall Winds Bring Welcome Changes


The cool breeze of Fall is blowing in fresh transformations to

Waters of Superior!


 Firstly, we are starting a blog! We are excited to bring news of artists, products and new happenings to our customers.  Facebook posts are so brief and fast where a blog will let us go more in depth with things we think our customers will be interested in.

S E C O N D L Y,

With the season change we have shaken up our store.  We received gorgeous paintings from Jill Van Sickle that have been the center around how and where we display our products.  Van Sickle’s “Rainstorms” melds together corals and deep reds with teals and blues creating all kinds of entertainment for the eye.

T H I R D L Y,

We now have some great, new products on our sales floor! As always, there are beautiful new styles of the classic Ekelund Linens- Lonn is a current favorite.  This style’s bright fall leaves really pop against the charcoal background.  Throw pillows are new home accessory that we are carrying.  Also featured below are the very fun rabbit ear wall hooks and topographic map dishes! We have many other new goodies that you will have to stop in and see for yourself.

L A S T,  B U T  N O T  L E A S T

Waters has had such an amazing Summer! We would really like to thank all of our customers for shopping with us and also for the amazing compliments.  It makes our day knowing how many people are inspired by Waters and how much admiration they have for the amazing talent we have here.