Storewide Sale 2018

storewide sale

Sale prices are valid January 19th – 28th on in-stock items only. Discounts cannot be applied before or after the dates of sale. 

 Not from the area? If you know what you are looking for, call us and we will ship the item(s) to you at the discounted price plus shipping costs.

 Any sale items marked down physically in red pen are final sale items and cannot be returned.


Brand Spotlight: tentree


Tentree is a clothing brand that is working to revitalize the environment and help inspire a generation to believe that they can help do the same.  Along with planting ten trees for every purchase, tentree also uses sustainable materials in their clothing like: hemp, tencel, organic cotton and recycled polyester.  They make the cork trims from stripping the bark off of cork trees, which actually helps the tree grow and thrive.  As well as producing natural bi-product coconut buttons.

It is practices and missions like tentree’s that makes Waters happy to be able to offer these products to our customers!  Stop in soon to try on our tentree styles.  To learn more about tentree and see more style options click below.

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2016 Jewelry Shows

Jewelry show season is finally upon us!  On July 15th, Helen Wang will be at Waters kicking off the 2016 shows.  We get very excited for this time of year for many reasons.  First being that we love when customers have the chance to meet the artist behind their favorite jewelry.  We also have no idea what type of jewelry these artists are bringing! It always is fresh and innovative designs that are sure to please.

If you have never made it to one of our jewelry shows, here is what to expect. All of the shows happen from noon to 3pm.  The artist comes in and fills a large table with all of their jewelry pieces.  You can shop everything on the table and if you have a special request, you can work directly with the artist to order a piece that is perfect for you.  Can’t make it to the show? Stop by in the following days, we shop the artist’s table so we can carry their latest designs after they leave.

Below is information about each artist that will be here this year.  Click on the picture to learn about them and see more of their work.


“Surfaces” a Gallery Hop Recap

Thank you to all who attended the Art for Earth Day Gallery Hop this year!  It was a busy day for us and we were very excited to see all the people supporting Duluth’s local galleries.  In case you were not able to attend- here is a little Gallery Hop recap for you!

Our theme this year was “Surfaces.”  Over the past couple months we have gained a record number of new, talented artists.  The three that I want to highlight are using surfaces for their mediums in three different ways.  First is Shelley Breitzmann who paints traditionally, using acrylic on canvas.  Second is Leah Yellowbird also using acrylic paint and canvas but in a way that completely changes the outcome.  Then, we have Kimberly Erickson who is unconventionally using sheet metal as a surface and painting with ink on top.  Keep reading to see pictures of each of these artists’ work and learn a little more about them!

S U R F A C E S   F E A T U R E D   A R T I S T S

Shelley Breitzmann

Shelley is a painter from Foxboro, Wisconsin.  She is amazing at depicting the beautiful moments of storms through acrylic painting on canvas.  Her moody color choices and soft painting style make it easy to mentally transport into her landscapes.  The isolation of these scenes create introspective moments for the viewer.

Leah Yellowbird

Leah is an Anishinaabe artist out of Grand Rapids, MN.  She uses acrylic paint on canvas with a pointillism technique.  It takes many hours for her to perform this style, and the outcome is like none other.  The shine on the small dots of paint make the canvas look like it has been doused in beads.

Leah takes pride in translating the traditional art forms of her ancestors in a modern way.

Kimberly Erickson

Kimberly is a Chilton, Wisconsin native.  She is not only an artist, but also a graphic and interior designer.  Living in Northern Wisconsin, she is inspired by the beauty of nature and it’s wildlife.  When looking at her pieces you can see that she seamlessly melds her two worlds together- modern design meeting the isolation of living in a rural area.

One of the most amazing aspects of Kim’s work is the way that the sheet metal illuminates behind the ink paint.  The colors look like they are caught in a moment of swirling and mixing together.

H E L E N   W A N G   J E W E L R Y   S H O W

The event that Waters held for the Hop this year was a Helen Wang Jewelry Show.  Helen’s jewelry is truely the art of adornment, offering beautful natural gemstones, sparkling drusy quartz and all paired with mixed metals.   We love having Helen visit us in Duluth first because she is such a sweet and down to earth person and second because she is one of our jewelry artists with the biggest customer followings.  It seems like just about anyone can find a piece that they love by Helen.

We are always thrilled when Helen is able to bring her gorgeous jewels up to Duluth for a trunkshow! One Saturday she had two tables filled with sparkling jewelry.  There were so many bright colors and new styles.  Don’t worry if you missed the show this past weekend.  Helen is working on three separate dates to be back up this summer!