Don Hanson

Don Hanson has been turning unique pieces of wood into cribbage boards for over 30 years.  His first step of the lengthy process is finding a chunk of wood that is different enough to be saved from throwing into the wood burning stove.  Finding pieces can also be more deliberate than just looking through the woodpile.  Don has found trees on his property that he is confident will make eye-catching boards.  He watches and waits until the tree has died, then harvests its wood.  The wood is cut into rounds and undergoes a drying process that can range from 2 to 10 years.  Once the rounds are ready, Hanson uses his artistic eye to drill the holes for the game path- making sure it complements the natural flow of the grain.

Even the game pegs are hand carved and sanded by Don.  He admits that he often loses some skin and fingernails during this least favorite process of his.

Don’s cribbage boards are purchased by cribbage players and non-players alike.  Certainly everyone can appreciate the raw and natural beauty of each board.  It is no wonder that they become family heirlooms!

WoodworkerNew London, Minnesota