Jill Van Sickle

“The purpose of my work is very simple.  I hope that when looking at my paintings, viewers can steal a peaceful moment in the midst of a typical high-stress, fast moving world.”

Jill earned a degree in the Fine Arts at the University of River Falls Wisconsin.  Her paintings are mixed media and begin with a base of acrylic paint.  She says that she often chooses colors of a painting before the subject matter.  Next, oil pastels are used to add textures and lines.  When finished, each piece is sealed with a coat of varnish.

Much of Jill’s work is related to nature and its flora.  Jill says that her inspiration comes directly from her upbringing, “I have grandparents from Holland who farmed and grew amazing flower beds, a florist and master-gardening mother, a stepfather with affection for prairies, and an animal-loving, outdoorsmen dad.  I grow my own gardens for inspiration as well.”

PainterMinneapolis, MN