Karen Savage-Blue

“The nature of my work varies from time to time, but it almost always involves the landscape.  I love landscape, I observe the landscape, lured by its beauty, entranced by its perpetual engendering.  I am a compliant captive charmed to follow where ever it leads me.

In oils, acrylic and pastel I render natures elements.  My current series (one painting per day) are ‘snapshots’ of fleeting moments.  There are paintings of the wind bending the grass, snow melting to slush, slow moving shadows, glinting light, decaying leaves, emerging plants, pulsing bark and the soft light dimming to darkness.

My passion for painting started in high school, first trained by Mr. Kumsha, a renowned artist and educator in the Duluth schools.  Soon after high school I traveled to the southwest to attend the Institute of American Indian Arts.  Then I returned to Duluth to complete a Teaching License in art k-12.  I have taught in this position for over twenty years and upon receiving my Masters in Education transitioned into the college teaching level.  My paintings have been fulfilling collections through the decades.  I look forward to many more years as a continuing force in the landscape.”

Oil Painter
Oil PainterSawyer, MN