Shelley Breitzmann

Foxboro, Wisconsin

“I find that I can’t get enough of trying to get on canvas the dynamic weather we have here in the north: the storm clouds, the fog rolling in, the rain, the snowstorms, the constant changes in the woods. It’s hard to live near Lake Superior and not be fascinated with its weather and how it impacts the life around it. To try to get that feeling on canvas is pretty compelling.”

“Using acrylic allows me to work large and apply the color with big sweeping strokes. The underpainting goes down with the canvas on the floor so I can use large brush strokes to get the paint down quickly and blend it before it dries. Then contrast and final impressions are added to try to get it “right”. At times it can take on a life of its own and become something pretty different from the original idea, an interesting process that I now just let happen.”

“I hope each piece is open enough to allow the viewer to connect with it. We live in such a busy and complicated world; if a piece makes a connection with someone, and allows them to just stand back and breathe, that is very satisfying.”