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Silvercocoon jewelry is made by Tia Keobounpheng, a Duluth native currently living in Minneapolis.  Tia began making jewelry in November of 2007.  She is inspired by the idea that design can improve people’s lives and strives to make a product that can help woman celebrate themselves everyday.


Silvercocoon jewelry is mostly made out of laser cut acrylic or wood, leather, and oxidized sterling silver.  All of these materials are very lightweight making each style comfortable to wear.  But believe me, wearing them is the easy part.  Picking out which to buy- now that’s where things get tricky.  There are so many awesome colors and styles!  What I love most about Silvercocoon is how versatile the jewelry is.  Tia’s pieces can be worn with that go to outfit for running errands or polish off a sophisticated work look. What more can you ask for from your jewelry?!

Obviously, at Waters, we love our Silvercocoon jewelry.  Which is why we have been excited to do a feature post about some of our favorite colors and styles.  We recently received a fresh batch of jewelry, full of bright colors and styles new to Waters.  Below are some necklaces that can, and will, brighten up any outfit.

T H E   B R I G H T

Don’t worry natural & neutral ladies, Silvercocoon has lots to offer to you too! Some of our bestselling jewelry is constructed with the light-tone acrylics -translucent, ivory and white.  Another favorite are the wood pieces.  Featured below is the cherry wood with warm, golden tones and also the light and bright maple wood.

T H E   L I G H T

It always feels like christmas morning when we receive a shipment from Silvercocoon Jewelry at Waters of Superior. You never know what is exactly inside the box, but you know its going to be bright, beautiful & bold!  Head down to Waters to test drive these gorgeously modern pieces in person.  We love introducing people to new jewelry and helping you find a new favorite.