sweater weather

Sweater Weather with Neve Designs

Neve describes themselves as a modern mountain lifestyle company.  They formed in the foothills of Boulder Colorado and have since expanded to Canada.

I love Neve because of their high quality, vibrant colors and bold patterns.  Neve’s products are made mostly of ultra-fine Merino wool from the sheep of Australia.  Neve clothing is an absolute favorite of mine because one -their clothing is made to last, two -their styles are fashionable and flattering, and three -they actually keep you warm, even during Duluth Winters!


The first outfit that I want to highlight is the Colby zip-up and Liona skirt.  This zip-up is a lighter weight than some of the other featured sweaters.  The pattern is so eye catching and flattering.  YES! I said it ladies, these horizontal stripes are flattering.  There is something about the width change between the stripes and the colors that make the lines work on the body.  Paired with this top is a micro-houndstooth print mini skirt -perfect for tossing over a pair of leggings.  The Colby zip-up is definitely the statement in this look.  Subtle earrings with bright silver help polish and complete the outfit.  These Yen Chee Onyx earrings are the perfect style and size.



This dress was an instant favorite when I was unpacking the shipment.  The Jaide dress has a generous shape to it and falls around mid-thigh length.  It is so easy to wear yet it has an expensive look and feel to it.  Neve describes the angora accent at the top as a Nordic touch but I get a Native feel from the color and design.

I paired Josef Rieter’s Seven Sisters ring with the Jaide dress.  Rieter is inspired by nature and his Anishinabe roots making his style perfect for this look.






The 60s meets the 21st century in this 3/4 zip sweater.  The Jo sweater has a sporty feel to it and is a heavier weight.  The geometric print calls for accessories that will mimic its pattern.  Pico Design creates sleek, modern jewelry with an architectural influence.



The Vida Jacket is the epitome of being stylish and functional.  It is fitted but still allows for layering beneath.  The lining has a really fun pop of pattern that you get a glimpse of in the collar while it is on.  The moss green with faux leather trim gives this piece a vintage feel.

 These copper and sterling silver earrings, made by Grace Hogan, tie in nicely with the zippers of the coat.






The Fall season is one of the most exciting times for clothing.  There are so many options for layering and it is still warm enough where you don’t have to hide your outfit under a jacket.  We are getting new clothing in weekly but now is the time to come in a try on some of these gorgeous sweaters.  Along with Neve, we have some great Krimson Klover sweaters as well.  We are open 10am to 7pm everyday with Sales Associates that would love to help you find some new sweaters to add to your Fall and Winter collection!